High quality of garden tools prospects
Spring in March, spring, is the best season for afforestation. Garden tools as flowers and trees, to raise green green-maintaining essential apparatus, and hardware tools, agricultural equipment industry racing together bridle to bridle, becoming nowadays China Science and technology hardware city field sales of another large window. The garden tool manufacturers and vendors have started a full range of marketing activities, hedge shears, folding saws, grass cutting and shovel, rake, a superb collection of beautiful things dresser, flower garden tools comes on stage eagerly, for a time the formation of a domestic foreign trade do many things at once fire situation.
In such as blue green garden tools sales store, head of the Shi Aifei tells the author, every three or four months are garden tools sales season. But this year's season is delayed, investigate its reason, on one hand may be affected by some time ago rain continuous weather effects, on the other hand, online shopping has become more and more important to customers purchase way, passenger volume is less than that in previous years. But I still showed a good sales performance. One in the shop to buy products of Jiangxi merchants, such as blue green garden tool of good quality, variety, customers enjoy a better reputation, his early intention to become blue in green agents. While the weather is fine, personally to understand products store.
Shi Aifei said of these traditional, such as blue green garden tool manufacturing enterprise, innovation is the company 's survival of the important weapons. Over the years, the company by virtue of the sophisticated production equipment and advanced production technology, so that the" blue in green" brand series of products by the vast number of consumers favor. In order to meet the industry demand, the company also agents of the Taiwan" Kyrgyzstan village" brand series of garden tools products.
All the time since, domestic production of garden tools for major or foreign markets. In recent years, along with our country living standards improve and enhance awareness of environmental protection, afforestation, returning farmland to forest, to explore urban green resources activity like a raging fire. Increasing emphasis on environmental protection, to a large extent promoted garden tools is spruce annul.
After years of innovation and development, our city enterprise production of garden tools have been basically broke the traditional rough, dull, bulky appearance design in the use of functions, also has the innovation, operation form and the material are improved. Such great progress undoubtedly make labor more don't get around much anymore, but full of fun. Dealers, former garden tools sales channels to the general mass of export oriented foreign trade, such as exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Especially in some countries in Europe and America golf course and a private estate, due to the effects of climate, every week on lawn, flowers, seedlings and other system to conduct a trim, so bring along garden tools are more optimistic situation. It is reported, city hardware to operate garden tools, after years of technical improvement and innovation, product varieties from the previous single gradually to the diversified development, appearance and quality is also old appearance is changed new colour, to achieve a qualitative leap.
According to the dealer Hu said, City Hardware garden tools brand variety, but mostly in the low-end market, have larger price dominant position. City Hardware garden tools biggest competitor is not the world 's other products, but the local large brand. Local brand has a low price, a wide variety of advantages, current range is very wide. As consumers of the quality of life of the growing importance of, garden tools industry gradually to the brand, high-end and professional development. In order to meet the market demand, the introduction of products, vendors have enlarge management breed, adjust the scale of sales, attracted from all sides of the merchants came to buy.
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