Garden tool use and maintenance matters needing attention
1four stroke gasoline engine fuel for clean gasoline (90above), lubricating oil for four stroke engine SAE30. The new engine idle running2 hours, engine oil change before the normal use. When in normal use accumulated30 hours of work about a replacement engine oil. Before and after each use, check the oil level.
2four stroke air cooled gasoline engine crankcase of continuous work, the temperature should not exceed 90 degrees, overheating when shut down for 15to 20 minutes after can continue to work. Fuel must be in a cold state of. Refrigerator to be running at low speed for 3 minutes after normal use, not grass not long time using the maximum throttle.
Don't overdrive3 gasoline engine. Except in emergency situations, should be in low-speed mode stop.
4oil correctly, genuine, cleaning, gasoline to clean, fresh.
5 laypersons may adjust the carburetor. We must adjust the oil needle, generally clockwise gently tighten the rear, then counterclockwise screw1.5to 1.75 weeks.
The 6 air cleaner element to regularly check, clean with soapy water or replaced on a regular basis.
7gasoline engine running100to 300 hours after application of wood or bamboo, remove the carbon deposit time. When removing unload cylinder head, cylinder, cylinder head, piston clearance, such as coke valve attachment. Carbon deposition is allowed to enter the cylinder bore and the valve seat.
8 keep gasoline engine cylinder block fin clean especially.
The 9 gas, inspection, repair, maintenance, to pull off the spark plug cap, not smoking, away from the fire.
10 not in room. When the machine works, in addition to the operator, staff of more than 15 meters away from the machine.
11 machine before and after each use, inspection and other parts of the elastic bolts.
12clutch, clutch exposed in the machine before installing, not the start of a gasoline engine.
13the other machine lubricating parts, according to the needs of press regularly filling lubricating oil or grease.
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