Traditional Woodworking Tools - Saws

Source: ZHEJIANG YONGKANG FUDA TOOLS CO.,LTD.Release time: 2019-08-16

A saw that cuts wood into various shapes or to the size required for wooden elements. It consists of a saw blade with neat teeth and a saw body. The purpose of sawing is to saw the wood longitudinally or to cut it off horizontally. When sawing, it is a working process in which the saw blade cuts the wood quickly in a straight form or in a curved form with a light pressing and advancing motion.

Types of traditional hand saws

1、Frame saw. Also known as frame saw, is composed of I-beam wooden frame, twisted rope and twisted blade, saw blade, etc.. The two ends of the saw blade with a knob fixed in the frame, and can be used to adjust the angle of the saw blade. After the twisted rope is tightened, the saw blade is tensed and can be used.

2、Knife saw. Knife saw is mainly composed of two parts: saw blade and saw handle, can be divided into single-sided, double-sided, clip back knife saw, etc.

3, slot saw. Slot saw by the handle and the saw blade, slot saw is mainly used for slotting in the wood.

4, board saw. Also known as hand saw. By the handle and the saw blade, the board saw is mainly used for wider board sawing.

5, narrow hand saw. The saw blade is narrow and long, the front end is pointed. Narrow hand saw is mainly used for sawing narrow holes and slots.

6、Curve saw. Its structure is the same as the frame saw, but the saw blade is narrower, mainly used to cut circular arc, curve and other parts.