The use and maintenance of the saw

Source: ZHEJIANG YONGKANG FUDA TOOLS CO.,LTD.Release time: 2019-08-16

(1) with the saw: when using the saw, to have a pad, and to hand or foot fixed by the other end of the sawed wood, in order to prevent slip roll accidents, the body of the saw needs to be kept flat, do not bend, so as not to deform the body of the saw. If the saw is oiled, the oil must be wiped away before use. Pay attention to the direction of the force applied to the saw when using the saw, when the saw is pushed out the force, when pulling back is relaxed.

(2) carry the saw: fold the saw body folded into the saw handle and put the artificial shell box or backpack, bow saw can remove the saw blade to carry or put into the holster, or use the rubber water pipe cut into and saw down a length, cut the water pipe side, set into the saw teeth become a protective pin, outside tied with tape or rope to carry, to avoid injury.

(3) pass the saw: pass the saw, to the saw handle to people, pay attention to safety.

(4) grinding saw: because the saw teeth are not in the same line, but single, double, left, right separate. Sharpening saws can be used triangle file along each tooth to pull outward, grinding one and then grinding the other side.

(5) protection saw: saw after use, to remove the wood shavings, oil (oil type is not confined), and then placed in the tool rack or tool box. The invention of the saw legend when Lu Ban invented, he was inspired by the prickly vegetable and invented.