What are the types of hand saws?

Source: ZHEJIANG YONGKANG FUDA TOOLS CO.,LTD.Release time: 2019-08-16

1.Frame saw. Also known as frame saw, is composed of I-beam wooden frame, twisted rope and twisted blade, saw blade, etc.. The two ends of the saw blade with knob fixed in the frame, and can be used to adjust the angle of the saw blade. After the twisted rope is tightened, the saw blade is tensed and ready for use. The frame saw can be divided into coarse, medium and fine according to the length and tooth pitch of the saw blade. Coarse saw blade length 650-750mm, tooth pitch 4-5mm, coarse saw is mainly used for cutting thicker wood; medium saw blade length 550-650mm, tooth pitch 3-4mm, medium saw is mainly used for cutting thin wood or open tenon; fine saw blade length 450-500mm, tooth pitch 2-3mm, fine saw is mainly used for sawing thin wood and tenon pulling shoulder.

2. Knife saw. Knife saw mainly by the blade and saw handle two parts, can be divided into single-sided, double-sided, clip back knife saw, etc.. Single-sided knife saw saw length 350mm, one side of the tooth blade, according to the different functions of the tooth blade, can be divided into two kinds of longitudinal and horizontal cutting; double-sided knife saw saw length 300mm, both sides of the tooth blade, both sides of the tooth blade is generally one side of the longitudinal cutting saw, the other side of the horizontal cutting saw. Clip back knife saw saw plate length 250-300mm, clip back knife saw saw back with a steel bar clip straight, the saw teeth are thin, there are longitudinal and cross-cutting saws.

3. Slot saw. The slot saw is composed of handle and saw blade, the saw is about 200mm long. slot saw is mainly used to cut the slot in the wood.

4. Board saw. Also known as hand saw. By the handle and saw blade, saw blade length of about 250-750mm, tooth pitch 3-4mm, board saw is mainly used for wider board sawing.

5. Narrow hand saw. The saw blade is narrow and long, the front end is pointed, the length is about 300-400mm. narrow hand saw is mainly used for sawing narrow holes and slots.

6. Curve saw. Also known as around the saw, it is the same structure and frame saw, but the saw blade is narrower (about 10mm), mainly used to cut circular arc, curve and other parts.

7. Wire saw. Also known as bow saw, it is bent into a bow with a bamboo piece, the two ends of the taut steel wire, steel wire chopped out of the jagged flying edge, the use of the flying edge of the sharp edge to sawing. Steel wire length of about 200-600mm, the saw bow length of 800-900mm. wire saw is mainly used for sawing complex curves and openings.